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Optimize Your Habits, Push the Limits of Your Potential, Live More Fulfilled

Even Olympic Champions and Hall-of-Fame Athletes struggle with staying motivated on a daily basis. They sometimes question their own confidence in the face of setbacks. We know what that feels like too and we've got you covered.  Learn the techniques used by top performers to find and stay at their best.

After completing this course, you'll:

  • Understand how to set goals that don't rely on the outcome
  • Learn to view setbacks as an opportunity
  • Understand different types of motivation and how to use them
  • Learn to practice resilience in real time so you can bounce back quickly
  • Deal with Anxiety and Expectations
  • Train Confidence Daily
  • Learn how to practice self-talk for performance and optimism

You'll learn how to set better goals and habits, the foundation of motivation and mindset to move forward, the right type of self-talk and how to build optimism, and how to be confident on your big day.

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Meet Your Instructor

World Champion & Coach

Sonya Looney

Sonya Looney's authentic communication style has enabled her to teach and coach athletes, speak at leadership conferences and businesses and work with individuals to help them find more fulfillment and confidence to live a better life. She is a World Champion mountain biker, racing the hardest endurance events over 25+ countries. She takes her research of positive psychology and mindfulness paired with systems thinking from her scientific background of a Master's Degree in Engineering and Neuroscience to present the best training on mental skills. She is also currently training through the Vanderbilt Integrative Medicine program to become a National Board Certified Clinical Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC). Sonya believes that training our mind is the key to unlocking a new level of performance, enjoyment, and perspective for taking on new challenges- whether it's on the race course, at work, or in relationships.

Make Your Mindset Your Greatest Ally

Our mission is to empower go-getters to create more meaning and self-belief in their lives.

Who is this for?

The Work is the Reward

This course isn't just for cyclists! This is for inspired individuals who are motivated by growth and looking to have more fun in their training (daily life) and on race day. Race day simply means an important day where you want to perform your best - it could be in a board room, on a mountain bike course, or even starting a new project.
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What People Are Saying

You're in good company

3x Olympian, 2x World Champion // Mountain Bike

Catharine Pendrel, Olympic Bronze

Sonya is one of the most relatable and down to earth athletes I know. Through years of research and interviews for her podcast and real life experience at some of the world's toughest endurance events, she has become an expert in mindset and how to communicate the skills needed to train your mindset for success. Whenever I reach out to Sonya for Advice, I know I will hear something that will help to set me on the right path.

NBA Hall of Fame, Olympic Gold Medalist

Reggie Miller, Indiana Pacers

Sonya Looney is the number one reason I stayed with mountain biking. In my early mountain bike journey, Sonya helped me with my confidence. There were times when I was ready to fold the tent and go home, but her positivity kept me in it.

Shauna Kelly

The Moxy & Grit Mindset Academy is such a valuable tool for athletes of all skill sets. Sonya’s straightforward, passionate delivery of how to attain a purposeful, optimistic mindset has bolstered not just my training and race experiences, but every time I get on my bike. It’s inspiring coaching for appreciating the highs and lows of sports as well as everyday life adventures.

Auto Racing Champion, Entrepreneur, Cyclist

Ira Laughy

Sonya has an incredibly relatable way of delivering real, relevant and usable information through the Moxy and Grit Academy that has helped me with my training and preparation for Singletrack 6. I find myself referring back to the videos and workbook on a regular basis and applying the principles of a Growth Mindset, Positive Self Talk, Grit and Goal Setting in my training and daily life. I also find the Mantra's rolling through my head on a regular basis!

What Will You Learn?

Essential Concepts from Positive Psychology, Sports Psychology, and Mindfulness-Based Techniques

  • 1

    Course Intro

    • Moxy & Grit Mindset Academy Course Intro

  • 2

    Goal Setting and Habits

    • How to Set Goals (9:42)

    • Process-Focused Goals (6:40)

    • Identity Based Habits (5:20)

  • 3

    Motivation and Mindset

    • Building Intrinsic Motivation (8:04)

    • Balancing Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation (5:53)

    • How to Stay Motivated (2:21)

    • Defining Fixed Vs. Growth Mindset (5:57)

    • How to Apply a Growth Mindset (9:34)

  • 4

    Self-Talk and Optimism

    • Defining Self-Talk & Rewiring Your Brain For Optimism 7:00)

    • Why Gratitude Practices Work & 4 Types of Practices (6:12)

    • Explanatory Style & Resilience (14:30)

    • Applied Self Talk for Performance (4:56)

    • Using Visualization/ Mental Imagery (6:21)

  • 5

    Race Day Confidence

    • Dealing with Anxiety and Common Worries (11:09)

    • Managing Expectations and Defining Success (5:52)

    • 5 Types of Breathwork (6:58)

    • How to Train Confidence (5:10)

    • Self-Efficacy (3:01)

    • Preparation is Key (3:23)

    • How Not to Quit (11:19)

  • 6


    • MOXY & GRIT Mindset Workbook

I'm Ready to Live a High-Performance Life!

Bonus material

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